Cambridge IGCSE: A Complete Guide For Parents

Melissa Maria
Nov 22, 2021

Singapore is honored to have some of the world's greatest educational institutions. This island city has advanced to new heights and is regarded as one of the greatest places for a child's growing years, from international schools that cater to the expat community to local schools with a solid curriculum. There have been some intriguing new collaborations and acquisitions, and technology is moving closer to being inclusive!

What is IGCSE?

The IGCSE, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a two-year curriculum for pupils aged 14 to 16 years old. Through creative thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving abilities, the adaptable and interesting curriculum increases student performance.

This is what makes the curriculum a great place to start if you want to pursue additional studies in an international curriculum.


The IBDP and the IGCSE are both globally recognised curriculum with a reputation for quality. The IGCSE teaches students to consider all concepts and ideas from a global perspective.

In reality, "Global Perspectives" is one of the IGCSE subjects, and it emphasizes the significance of perceiving the world through a global, interconnected perspective. The IGCSE is also noted for challenging students to challenge what they already know, ask questions and put their own hypotheses to the test. These abilities will be extremely beneficial to students throughout the IBDP, which is notorious for demanding students to think critically and analytically throughout their studies.

The IGCSE is a two-year curriculum, and rather than studying a wide range of topics on the surface, students will focus on select topics in detail during their studies. This in-depth study enables people to thoroughly grasp the principles discussed and apply them to their own life. They form long-term connections with the subjects taught, which helps them prepare for future studies and professions.

IBDP, on the other hand, needs students to know how to properly complete in-depth studies on certain themes and conduct their own research.

Students in the IBDP are required to take initiative and go above and beyond the curriculum in order to broaden their knowledge and grasp of the issue.

Subjects Offered by the IGCSE Course

The IGCSE courses are divided into five topic groups, with students generally taking seven subjects. The following are some of the topic groups:

● Languages

● Humanities and Social Sciences

● Natural Sciences

● Mathematics

● Creative and Professional

Students can choose courses that match their personal interests and future professional aspirations from within those groups. These studies also serve as a foundation for the IBDP courses.

IGCSE at GIIS Singapore

In Mount Sophia, Singapore, the Global Indian International School is one of the first Indian international schools to open in 2002. GIIS offers schools in seven countries, with 22 sites spread around Asia. This international school in Singapore offers a comprehensive IGCSE curriculum and is an excellent stepping stone for students interested in pursuing the IBDP diploma or other foreign curricula in the 11th and 12th grades.

Their curriculum seeks to provide all-round growth, which is achievable because of their unique pedagogy, which includes the 9GEMS program, which focuses on building important abilities for the twenty-first century. Its state-of-the-art campus has some of Singapore's top amenities.

To encourage students to create strong foundations, the smart school delivers new and dynamic learning methods as well as excellent materials. As a Cambridge private school, GIIS has been recognised by worldwide organisations for its high-quality education and best practices, and the school is continually striving to improve its services for the benefit of students.

Laying a Foundation for Your Child's Future

Because IGCSE allows students to pick topics other than core subjects, it is generally simpler for them to decide on their next course of action for their future education and careers.

IGCSE education is of high quality, having been carefully created by education specialists to strike a suitable balance between academic knowledge and practical learning, allowing students to obtain a solid comprehension of topics and processes.

Aside from the core curriculum, IGCSE also offers an extended curriculum in which students can opt to study a topic in greater depth, which is beneficial if they choose to follow these subjects in further education.

Why is IGCSE a Good Option?

The Cambridge Singapore IGCSE Curriculum is a superb worldwide platform that emphasises basic skills in order to assist students to become socially responsible citizens. It is always growing to meet the changing times.

Children grow to grasp their likes and dislikes in grades 9 and 10, and the diverse courses offered by IGCSE provide them with a platform to explore their interests before making an informed decision in grades 11 and 12.

Because the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum provides a worldwide baseline for evaluating pupils throughout the course, it is regarded as a highly standardised curriculum by leading colleges in Europe and North America.

The IGCSE curriculum is appropriate for students who desire to pursue global education in various locations throughout the globe. It's also a wonderful foundation subject for pupils interested in enrolling in top international schools in Singapore's IB diploma programme in the 11th and 12th grades.

It is especially beneficial to students who wish to choose courses that are different from the typical ones in order to satisfy their natural interests and abilities.

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When it comes to selecting a school for our children, there is no right or wrong answer; rather, it is a matter of matching their educational requirements to what we believe would best prepare them for the future. They will ultimately mature and make their own choices about the subjects and hobbies they choose to pursue.

As parents, all we have to do is conduct comprehensive research into the many alternatives and choose what we believe will be most useful in dealing with the difficulties of the twenty-first century. Believe in your decision and have an open mind about accepting and allowing the youngster to pursue his or her interest.

Melissa Maria

Ms. Melissa Maria is a leader in advocating quality education. A contributor to student development and promoter of excellence in learning, she has been imparting excellent academic and non-academic education through curriculum development and innovative ideas based on research and analysis. She is the Principal of Global Indian International School SMART Campus, Singapore. Outside of work, she is an avid traveller and an animal lover. 

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