Affordable Quality Education: How GIIS is making a positive impact

Kasturi Thangayah
Dec 10, 2021
Positive Learning Environment

Finding a quality international school with affordable rates can be a challenge! In Singapore, as in other parts of the world, the issues parents face when seeking the right school are multifaceted. One particular challenge that parents grapple with is the expense of international schools. Quality education has never been cheap but now, it's more costly than ever. International schools in Singapore have experienced a considerable hike in tuition fee over the years. Families that are stretched too thin by the tuition costs of an international school education may later struggle with the burden of university tuition.

Affordable international schools like GIIS, which provide quality education at a moderate price, help to ease the financial burden on families while providing students with the best opportunities for a bright future. GIIS’ learning environment, facilities, teachers and opportunities for growth create a positive impact as students are driven towards innovation, creativity and practical life skills. 

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Education at GIIS: Affordable with a High Value 

Compared to other international schools in Singapore, GIIS charges a moderate fee. With a fee that is 40% lower than comparable international schools in Singapore, we help ease the financial burden in a city like Singapore, where the living costs are high. It's our goal to help families live a wholesome lifestyle while also freeing up funds for future education costs, such as university or other types of higher education.

Here are some of the takeaways to understand why GIIS can be the right choice for your child.

21st-Century Learning Facilities

GIIS is fully outfitted with 21st-century infrastructure that meets the academic, collaborative and creative needs of the students. With fully digitised classrooms, which have smart TVs, smart devices for students and various learning apps, we help students become more prepared for life awaiting them when they graduate. Our learning commons across the campus are open spaces which facilitate free thinking and collaboration among students.

GIIS SMART Campus provides 40 skills-based studios that allow students to explore unique skills. From radio jockeying, radio production, culinary art, ceramic art and TV production to robotics, AI and 3D printing, our studios give students first-hand experience to try out creative, new things in school. 

Our sports infrastructure helps students grow their physical health, as well as their minds, because we believe that physical and intellectual development are interrelated and are both part of becoming a well-rounded adult. GIIS SMART campus can accommodate over 3,000 students to cater to the population of families moving into Singapore all the time. To ensure our students are comfortable and have proper nourishment, we have a well-stocked canteen. 

Skills-based studios at GIIS provide our students an opportunity to explore a range of interest areas 

Multiple International Curricula

At GIIS, it's our goal to ensure that every student has academic and intellectual resources to enjoy a fulfilling and worthwhile education. That's why GIIS offers six international and one Indian curricula from Grades K-12. These curricula include:

● Global Montessori Plus Programme for preschool students

● IB PYP for primary years students

● CLSP for lower secondary students (grades 6 to 8)

● IGCSE for secondary students (grades 9-10)

● Pre-university programme IBDP for Grades 11-12

In addition, CBSE, the Indian Central Board, is offered to students in grades 1 through 12. No two students are alike, and every student has their own learning style and goals. Offering multiple curricula enables all of our students to find the learning style that really speaks to them and helps them reach their full potential. 

Highly Qualified Faculty and Exceptional Results

GIIS employs experienced, quality faculty with exceptional credentials and a proven track record with students. Starting from highly trained and capable Early Years teachers to Primary and Secondary grade teachers, GIIS is fully equipped with the resources students need to thrive academically, excel intellectually and develop into well-rounded, thoughtful global citizens.

We take pride in the relentless efforts put in by our students and teachers, which can be seen in our exceptional results and university placements in top colleges over the years. 

9GEMS Pedagogy and Holistic Development

GIIS uses the 9GEMS educational framework to develop students  in categories relating to academics, sports, creativity, values and ethics, and so on. Under the 9GEMS educational framework, students learn how to become leaders in these various fields - all while they're guided to blossom in their specific interest areas.

Scholarship Opportunities

No student should be excluded from education because of their family's financial status. At GIIS, we offer scholarships because we believe they're the stepping stones for students to achieve their goals. Our scholarships are offered on the basis of both means and merit to students in Grades 1 through 12 and are available in five different categories.

We're committed to offering a robust educational framework and equal opportunities for students. GIIS is proof that an extraordinary pre-university education does not have to be an onerous burden on families. Instead, we believe we can best serve our students by ensuring that we offer a premium education at an affordable cost to families.

Want to learn more about sending your child to GIIS? Contact our friendly admissions team or schedule a campus tour.

Kasturi Thangayah

Kasturi Thangayah is the Admissions Manager at GIIS Singapore. With more than 18 years of service excellence in people centricity, Ms. Thangayah takes a focused approach to people management with her strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Her experience with student disciplinary boards in adult learning institutions gives her a keen understanding of an effective and positive learning environment for students. With a background in psychotherapy and counselling, she has been strongly involved in career counselling for young adults. Ms. Thangayah has a strong restorative talent and enjoys the challenge of analyzing symptoms, identifying problems and finding solutions respectively.

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