10 Reasons to Pick an International Baccalaureate School at Singapore

Isobel Lynn Lee
Oct 19, 2021

These are the top reasons why expats choose an International Baccalaureate school in Singapore for their child.

One of the most important features of an International Baccalaureate Curriculum is that it is student-centred! The curriculum revolves around the learner and adapts to his/her style of learning. 

Since the knowledge is derived through self-learning, research, and  the how’s and why’s of that particular subject, it enables students to explore and use their reasoning skills to solve problems effectively.

Features of the International Baccalaureate Curriculum

PYP (Primary Years Programme)

The primary school learning experience should provide students with the right skills in order to succeed in higher grades. The Primary Years Programme in a school at Singapore initiates in students a unique thought process that allows them to actively participate in their learning journey and acquire key skills in the process. 

The PYP (Primary years Programme) is one of the most recognised curricula worldwide and is a great option for students who wish to pursue the IB diploma in their high school years and aim to become global citizens and employees in the future. 

The lessons learnt from IB program elementary are challenging and relevant to the current generation and the inquiry-based learning methodology helps students get a clear conceptual understanding of all their lessons.

International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP)

The IB Diploma program for school ages 16-19 is considered as the best pre-university qualification internationally and holds a lot of weightage during university placements across the world. It is academically challenging and comprises the DP Core like the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essays, and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS).

The knowledge from these core subjects are derived through independent research and project-based learning where community service is a very important part of these learnings. All these aspects help students to build critical thinking skills, nurture their curiosity and find solutions to complex problems.

What are the Reasons to Pick International Baccalaureate School in Singapore?

Singapore is among the first in choice when it comes to top notch universities and international schools to cater to the huge expat crowd who throng to the city every year. 

The infrastructure provided in International Baccalaureate schools at Singapore is among the best in the world and the international educational guidelines provided by Singapore education board to the IB schools are quite strict and therefore a safe choice for students.

1. An IB school at Singapore encourages the personal and academic development of a student by including crucial aspects of education inside their IB curriculums. 

2. It provides the best facilities for IB students through its state of the art campus and latest technology used inside its smart classrooms.

3. It offers a bilingual diploma to students who complete and score grade 3 or above in two different languages selected from the DP core in language and literature.

4. An IB school at Singapore also uses technologies like Data Analytics to gauge the performances of all its students in 7 different areas of development in order to improve the learning environment and speeden the learning curve of the students.

5. Schools in Singapore have tie-ups with top Ivy-League universities and provide university placements to their IB diploma holders by hosting placement drives and career forums to enable a smooth transition into professional universities across the world. 

6. World-class faculty who have high standards in their teaching methods and who have substantial experience in the IB curriculum and the right methods to impart it.

7. One of the best schools in Singapore offers the Bridge Program to its students to enable them to join late and catch up on the lost time. This is especially helpful when students come to the city seeking admissions in the middle of the academic term.

8. Peer groups are encouraged to support each other and one of them with good academic performance will be the coach to these new students who need help in catching up with their academics.

9. Unique and robust frameworks are built by these schools to encourage the holistic development of the students and emphasize on equal participation in extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities for personality development and to hone their innate skills.

10. Value-added programs like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and Hey Math!. These concepts help students understand key concepts better. 

Apart from these wonderful aspects of an International Baccalaureate school at Singapore, there are other advantages like:-

1. Lower school and university fees structure compared to the private schools in the US and UK.

2. A multicultural environment that helps a student diversify his experiences and networks.

3. A very safe place in terms of the city and its environment for students to explore and thrive. 

4. Various Scholarship programs for the benefit of international students.

5. Bright career opportunities in the city for these international students who study at Singapore’s IB schools.

All the above features allow a student to develop a healthy appetite for learning and also helps pick up key skills like critical thinking, problem solving, self derived learning and other interpersonal skills like communication and presentation.


These were some points to ponder over if you are thinking about taking up admissions in the international Baccalaureate school at Singapore for your child.

Singapore schools also offer other international curriculums like CBSE and IGCSE, however the IB definitely has an added advantage as the most accepted curriculum anywhere in the world. And the success rates of these students in acquiring seats in top universities is much higher than their counterparts .

Isobel Lynn Lee

Ms. Isobel Lynn Lee holds a BSc. in Biological Sciences (Exeter), PGCE (Oxford), and M.Ed in educational leadership and policy from Monash University, Australia. The research in her Masters degree included how the IB Theory of Knowledge programme could be used as a platform for teaching sustainability and critical thinking. She leverages this when teaching IB Biology or working with students and teachers to support TOK and the IB World Studies extended essay. Her passions lie in the environment and equality and as a UN Global Schools Advocate she is working with the teachers and students to promote sustainability in the school. She is currently working as the Deputy Head of the International Curriculum at GIIS. Outside of work, she enjoys being with nature, observing the biodiversity of flora and fauna in Singapore through walking and volunteering.

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